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Soy Julietha: Colombiana,Muchas sonrisas, algunas lagrimas,risos y unos ojos negros.Dios tiene un plan para mi✌.Hablo incoherencias desde el 2000 Little monster & Echelon † ₪ ∞ TFIOS & DIVERGENT.
Si quieres saber mas sobre mi deja un pregunta cariño.

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JAJAJAJAJAJA sii u.u siento identificada :’D lo malo es que a mi no me pescan..

"Disculpa si te reblogueo mucho"

Myself (via 50sombras-de-grey)



If you never tried dancing like Cody Martin you are lying

what do you mean tried


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get to know me meme: [4/10] bands/musicians
lana del rey - ” No one’s gonna take my soul away, I’m living like Jim Morrison. Headed towards a fucked up holiday. Monitor, squeeze, squeeze, and I’m singing: “Fuck yeah give it to me, this is? Heaven, what I truly want.” It’s innocence lost. Innocence lost.”